My name is Sanna and I am originally from Finland.
Since 2008 I have lived in Amsterdam with my husband and now also with our two little boys, Gabriel and Cristian and french bulldog Lumi.
I have always loved baking and cooking but it wasn't until 2012 when I started making custom cakes. I saw some beautiful cakes online while looking for a cheesecake recipe and I wanted to try covering cake with fondant. it was a disaster.
Luckily I have since improved and now I run my own company, Cakeaholic. I started working at home and later moved on to a shared workspace but soon also this got too small for the growing business and in December 2017 I opened my own little cake atelier where I create cakes for weddings, Birthdays, companies and all other celebrations. 
My cakes are all my own recipes, perfected over time. 
Remember, there are no calories in a birthday cake :)