The menu is divided in standard and premium options.

All my cakes are made from scratch with high quality ingredients and in most recipes I only use unrefined, raw sugar. I use real ingredients for flavour, real chocolate not just cocoa powder, real lemons and oranges, freshly crated carrots and so on. 

Starting price for custom made decorated cakes is 110eur (15servings), for more information on prices, see pricing.

Standard options:


Vanilla cake

Almond cake

Red velvet cake

Banana cake

Coconut cake

Premium cakes:

My signature chocolate cake

White chocolate carrot cake

Lemon cake

Orange cake

Special cakes:

Eggless cake, flavours available: 

Vanilla, coconut, almond, banana

Rainbow coloured vanilla cake: 

4-6 colors, amount of colors depend on the order amount,

(minimum order 20 servings.)




Filling can be either Italian meringue buttercream, cream cheese buttercream or mascarpone based. Italian meringue buttercream is included in starting prices. For cream cheese and mascarpone based fillings there is a surcharge. Almost all flavours can be made with any of the filling bases. It is also possible to have a chocolate or white chocolate ganache filling and this has an extra surcharge. The eggless cakes are made with mascarpone filling and have a layer of american buttercream under fondant. 


Here some options for filling: 


Salted caramel

White chocolate

Chocolate (dark, milk or caramel)

Hazelnut praline



Peanut butter

Raspberry puree

Strawberry puree

Lemon curd





Raw sugar buttercream

chocolate ganache

Adding fresh berries to the filling balances the sweetness and is a great addition.

Mostly available are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, baby figs etc.

Suggested combinations

My signature chocolate cake is much loved with for example home made hazelnut praline filling or salted caramel filling. Also delicious with for example vanilla with fresh strawberries or raspberries 

Coconut cake has a very soft and light flavor, no flakes or shredded coconut bits and it's delicious with mango-passionfruit filling. 

Red Velvet cake is great with cream cheese buttercream or less traditional but still great with raspberries, mango-passion fruit or strawberries

Lemon cake is a match made in heaven with elderflower buttercream or cream cheese and fresh raspberries.

White chocolate carrot cake. The carrot cake has traditionally a cream cheese filling but great also with salted caramel.

Vanilla cake is lovely with for example butternut vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and fresh raspberries or mascarpone and strawberries.

Orange cake is lovely with white chocolate or dark chocolate filling but also fresh orange buttercream. 

More information regarding wedding cakes here

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