Price of a cake depends on the design, your chosen cake and filling options and of course, the size. The labour, uniqueness and overhead are what contribute to the price of an artisan product. The starting prices are indicative and the final price vary depending on the actual choices, amount of servings and the design. 


Minimum order is 10 servings for round custom cakes from standard menu, 15 servings from premium menu and 15 servings for 3D cakes.

Starting price for simple, non decorated buttercream cakes is 65eur, 95eur for decorated cakes and 125.00eur for simple 3D cakes. 

Pricing and information for wedding cakes see here

These are approximate starting prices according to serving sizes: 

10-25 servings - start at 5.70e/pp

30-35 servings - start at 5.45e/pp

40-50 servings - start at 5.20e/pp

Starting price is for standard cakes with Italian meringue buttercream based filling. 

For premium cakes, mascarpone and cream cheese based fillings and fresh berries there is a surcharge, see the menu for more information. 

Cakes with edible images have the cost of prints added.

Cakes with handmade 3D decorations are priced according to the estimated time it takes to create them. Approximate guide: simple figurines 20-25e for first figurine and 20-10e for additional ones. 



10 servings coconut cake with mango-passionfruit buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream icing, sprinkles on top with fondant number standing on top.

BASE price = 65eur.


TOTAL: 65eur


Example Dripcake: 

10 servings vanilla cake with buttercream based filling, Italian meringue buttercream icing, chocolate drip and sprinkles, candies and chocolates from stock. 

BASE price: 65eur 

decorations, chocolate: 15eur 

TOTAL: 80.00eur 

(for flowers, special request decorations etc there is an extra charge)


15 servings chocolate cake with buttercream based filling, Italian meringue buttercream icing, prints of teletubbies/paw patrol/my little pony etc on top and around the cake.

BASE price: 15 x 6.70 =100.50eur

prints: 15eur 

TOTAL: 115.50eur 


15 servings lemon cake with cream cheese filling and fresh raspberries, fondant icing and more demanding figurine (unicorn with rainbow hair, my little pony, fairy princess, etc) plus handpainted gold details.

BASE price: 15 x 7.50 = 112.50eur 

+ surcharge cream cheese filling = 4.5eur 

+ raspberries = 4eur 

+ 1 more demanding figurine = 40eur 

handpainted gold details = 10eur 

TOTAL: 171eur 


20 servings 3D shaped cake like a minion, simple animal (dog,cat,owl) or similar. Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling, carved to a shape and covered with fondant. 

BASE price: 20 x 8eur = 160eur 

TOTAL: 160eur 


Cake for 20 persons, coconut with meringue buttercream based filling and fresh raspberries. Fondant cake, decorated with edible images around and 3 simple handmade fondant animals on top. 

BASE price: 20 x 6eur = 120eur 

+ Raspberries = 4e

+ edible prints = 15e

+ 3 handmade animals 1st 25e, 2nd 20e, 3rd 10eur = 55eur 

TOTAL: 194eur


Cake for 30 persons, 2-tiers, red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Italian meringue buttercream icing and handmade cartoon figurine (pokemon, peppa, fireman sam, my little pony, etc) 

BASE price: 30 x 5.95eur = 178.50eur

+ surcharge cream cheese filling  = 12eur 

+ 1 more demanding figurine = 40eur 

TOTAL: 230.50eur