When you place an order with Cakeaholic you agree to these terms and conditions. 

Design and creative freedom: 

The design style can be agreed together before the order is confirmed and I will do my best to deliver what has been agreed. I will however hold on to a right to change the design where I see needed for best possible outcome. 

I prefer not to make copies of cakes, mine or other designers but will of course always try and design cake that you will love. Any cake ordered from a picture or photo of a cake produced by any other cake maker, can only be reproduced by Cakeaholic as my interpretation of that cake and will not be an exact reproduction of the cake in the picture or photo. 


I require a 50% deposit on placement of order for all cakes, which is deducted from the final balance payable. Deposits are non refundable. Please note, due to high amount of inquiries deposit must be paid within 24 hours or order will be automatically cancelled. 


All orders that are delivered by a courier must be paid in full one week before delivery date. Orders made from abroad must be paid in full to confirm the order. For orders that you pick up yourself payment is possible on the day unless you want to make a bank transfer in which case same condition applies than for deliveries. 

Payments via paypal incur additional fee of 4.5%


Cakes can be delivered by a courier company when delivery is ordered in advance. The price of the delivery starts at 19eur within Amsterdam on weekdays before 17:30. On evenings and weekends different pricing applies, for deliveries outside of Amsterdam a quote can be asked in advance. 

Cakes are to be collected from our premises at a prearranged time and date only.

Consultations and Cake Tasting

Consultations and tasting are possible for wedding cakes and celebration cakes with a budget above 200eur and available by appointment only.  For the tasting you can select 2-3 flavours and this costs 35eur. The price is deducted from the total price of your order. Cake tasting samples will be provided at the consultation and are made in cupcake or tiny cake form.  No decorations are added to the cakes, unless discussed ahead of time and which incur additional charges.

Photos and publishing of cakes

I reserve the right to publish pictures of any cakes I have made on my own social media such as instagram, facebook and on my own website. If you do not wish your cake to be published, please make this clear during the order process before confirming.

Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements

My products may contain dairy, wheat, nuts, soy, eggs and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By Proceeding with an order you are in agreement with our terms and conditions as stated above. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Cakeaholic to complete the agreement and is subject to labour disputes or strikes, Loadshedding, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control.